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Welcome to the Box Car Memorial FFL wiki! I figured it was about time that a league as famous and historic as ours needed to stand out from the crowd and have a memorial beyond the generic CBS site .

This is a meant as a bit of fun but also complements our league home page with information that the CBS page doesn't have or doesn't present well. Gunner got me thinking at the draft when he was whining about intelligently articulating the need for alternate e-mail addresses as Lango could still access the league message board (actually Lango can't as ex-Commish quietly nixed that). E-mail accounts got me thinking about a web domain, a web domain got me thinking about a wiki and here we are ...

Included here is information on all of the BCM FFL winners, all of the runners up, division winners and standings since 2001, franchise changes as far back as I know and even the drafts since 2007 (courtesy of ex-Commish).

If there is anything else you'd like to see on this wiki let me know and I'll happily ignore your suggestions.

Nym/Asst. Commish