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Protect Structure

Effective 2016 the following rules apply

  1. Each team must protect at least 4 players
  2. There will be four rounds of supplemental picks, two after each of the first and second rounds. These rounds will be subsequently referred to as S1a, S1b, S2a and S2b
  3. Each subsequent protect costs a draft pick
    1. Protect 5 costs supplemental pick in round S1a
    2. Protect 6 costs supplemental pick in round S1b
    3. Protect 7 costs supplemental pick in round S2a
    4. Protect 8 costs supplemental pick in round S2b
    5. Each subsequent protect costs the owner one of their draft picks, starting with round 1 then descending


Rule Changes

2016 Proposed Changes

Changes for Consideration in 2016
Change Proposed By Comments
Review Lango Tourney Shark/Bullets Current format retained. Non-playoff teams will compete for picks 1-6 in round 1 only
Review waiver process Nyms Blind bidding retained. 6 point penalty for multiple pick ups eliminated
Vote on Commish BCM Rules Harry Balls appointed new Commish by popular acclaim
Revert to CBS Website Nyms Agreed
Review kicker scoring rules Multiple Rules modified so that field goals count
3 points up to 29 yards
4 points for 30-39 yards
5 points for 40-49 yards
6 points for 50-59 yards
7 points for 60 yards and over
Add one Injured Reserve position Balls Approved. Player must be on NFL IR. Owner gets to make one pick up through the waiver process without having to drop a player.
Defensive Scoring - no points for forced fumble, 2 points for fumble recovered Nyms Agreed

2015 Proposed Changes

Changes for 2013
Change Proposed By Comments
Top team in playoff round chooses opponent Youngblood Rejected
Review protect structure Youngblood/Harry Balls Approved
Pick ups to be decided by auction rather than standings Youngblood Approved
Add defensive scoring on 2pt conversion plays Nyms Approved

2014 Approved Changes

Changes for 2014
Change Vote # Comments
Rework protect system
*Minimum six protects, maximum eight
*Teams that protect seven get a supplemental pick at the end of the second round, i.e. starting at pick 13
*Teams that protect six get supplemental picks at the end of the first and second rounds
*Draft will be both rookies and free agents
*Draft picks can be traded for the upcoming two drafts
*At the end of the 2013 regular season draft picks from 2014 and 2015 draft picks can be traded
On-line vote 10-0 for
Alter the points for structure quarterbacks - eliminate the points for completions and incompletions Voted at 2013 draft N/A
Introduce points for defensive plays
*+1 pt / sack
*+2 pt / interception
*+1 pt / forced fumble
*+1 pt / fumble recovery
Voted at 2013 draft, online poll to agree scoring The CBS scoring appears to not differentiate between forced and recovered fumbles that occur on defense versus special teams. If correct forcing and recovering a fumble on special teams would score two points (+1 for each) for the defense, but a blocked field goal returned for a TD would not score for the defense (as current rules).
Scoring be adjusted for special teams so that safeties and touchdowns scored from blocked field goals and punts count as positive scores for the owner of the defense 2014 Draft Pending CBS system supporting the score
Prohibit the trading of supplemental draft picks until the after the roster cutdown date 2014 Draft
Limit the trading of draft picks to the upcoming draft only 2014 Draft
Replace the Murphy's tournament with a playoff for the top six draft picks to be named the Langoliers' Tournament 2014 Draft Applies only to the first six picks in the draft. All other rounds follow the scoring system
Seeding for the Langoliers' Tournament will be in reverse order to the playoff seeding, so the two teams with the worst records will receive the first round bye
Change the line up to have two flex RB/WR/TE positions. New starting line up will be:
1 QB
1 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 K
1 Defense
On-line poll N/A

2014 Draft Agreements

  1. The current system of 6-8 protects with up to two rounds of supplemental picks will be retained through the 2016 draft to give time for owners to assess the system
  2. If an owner leaves the league and has traded away draft picks then some form of compensation will be provided to the new owner. It was felt that it would not be possible to create a system that could cater for all scenarios and therefore the compensation will be decided as and when this occurs.

2013 Approved Changes

Changes for 2013
Change Voted Comments
Nymshit will be the new Commish On-line Vote 10-0 for
At the end of the 2013 regular season draft picks from 2014 and 2015 draft picks can be traded On-line Vote 10-0 for
Eliminate limits on the number of TEs, retain limits for QBs (3), K (2) and Def (2) Voted at 2013 draft N/A
Extend draft pick trading through week 11 Ad-hoc vote in Oct-2013 Prior rule was that draft pick trading deadline was week 8, whereas player for player trades could continue through week 11.
Pick 'Em Tournament dropped N/A De facto rule change driven by web site functionality prior to 2012 season. Added to constitution Oct-2013
Each team must draft a complete team N/A Rule previously enforced at multiple drafts. Added to constitution Oct-2013

Rejected Changes

Changes for 2013
Change Status Vote # Comments
Championship game to be played in week 16 Rejected Voted at 2013 draft Teams agree that week 17 is not ideal but moving to week 16 would cause too much disruption to the schedule.
Update scoring for kickers Rejected Voted at 2013 draft N/A
Increase roster size from 18 to 20 and flex positions from 1 to 2 Rejected Voted at 2013 draft N/A

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